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The Story Behind The Elephant......


A few years ago the NCP management team met to try to decide on a logo. Nothing was coming to mind until CEO Ben Hannewyk glanced at a painting on the wall and immediately knew, “that’s it.” It was the perfect symbol, an elephant.

The logo may seem hard to make out at first, and for good reason, as it’s intended to be a conversation starter. Once people figure out the image though they always ask the same question, "why the elephant?" Well, elephants have many wonderful qualities, like intelligence, loyalty, devotion, longevity, toughness, strength, power, wisdom and leadership. We believe these same traits represent our business profile and culture at NCP, which is why we feel the elephant is the perfect logo for us.

So we have this great logo and the image of a strong elephant but we also knew it needed a name. We typically like to include the company as a whole to help with such decisions so we made a contest out of it. Everyone had the opportunity to choose a name and the owners (who are two brothers and their father) got to make the final decision. So many wonderful names were submitted but they ultimately had to choose just one. So they landed on this....

Surus The Elephant!

Surus was believed to be the name of a renowned war elephant of general Hannibal Barca's army in Italy. According to some accounts, the animal was the last of the 37 war elephants Hannibal took with him on his crossing of the Alps during the Second Punic War. Legend has it that Surus served as a platform for Hannibal, who had difficulties overlooking the battlefield after losing one eye from an infection.

Our winner, Stephanie Custard in Customer Service, received $100 for entering the chosen name and making the elephant part of the NCP family.