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Polysiloxane Nonskid/Nonslip Coatings

SiloxoGrip was formulated by the Navy Research Laboratory then scaled up and manufactured by NCP Coatings. SiloxoGrip is a step up with improved performance, greatly enhanced durability and extended life cycle.

The Polysiloxane backbone of this coating provides chemical resistance, color retention, retains coefficient of friction, makes the coating amine blush resistant and enables easy application.

SiloxoGrip provides the nonslip needed for some of the world’s harshest environments.

Nonskid Coating Features

  • Easily cleaned
  • Durability in extreme weather conditions
  • Low solar absorption
  • Coating can be applied by rolling or spraying
  • 24 hour dry time
  • Repels hydrocarbons

Navy Research Lab Presentation

NRL Scientists Hit the Deck with New Nonskid CoatingRead More >>

Battle ship silox

Rolling siloxane nonskid - 2
Roll On Application
spray on missile deck
Spray On Application
silox comparison
Comparison Of Old Technology Versus New