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NCP Coatings takes great pride in our laboratory and the experienced workers within. Along with the daily tasks of formulating and testing products, our knowledgable chemists are constantly striving to design the most innovative products to fit our customers needs. Reasearch and development is a large part of what we do. With cutting egde technology and our lab professionals, we have proven that the highest grades of coatings come from us.

The customization we provide cannot be beat. Being a small business, we are able to work on individual cases and provide the care, technical support, and customized products you are looking for. We will go above and beyond to create exactly what your looking for and won't stop until it's perfect.

By Market:  NCP formulates and manufactures a wide range of industrial coatings that will fulfill many application requirements.  On this site, you will find a representation of the markets we serve but our capabilities extend well beyond.  Our products are engineered for numerous application scenarios, but in many cases, there is something unique about our customers’ product or application process that needs special attention.  It is our job to recognize that need and offer flexibility in finding the ideal coatings system for our customers.  If minor alterations or custom formulations become necessary, we are prepared to execute in a timely mannner.

By Technology:  Technology is simply defined as applied science.  At NCP we apply the science of chemistry to develop paint formulas that match our customers’ needs.  Fundamentally, paint is made up of solvents, resins, and pigments.  The challenge of coatings technology is determining the ideal combination of these ingredients to maximize performance results.  This becomes quite a balancing act when multiple performance results are required because formulating to meet one requirement may move the product in the wrong direction for another.  Fortunately, our experienced lab and technical group is superior at finding the correct combination through cooperation with the sales group and customer.  NCP has always and will continue to dedicate appropriate resources to coatings R&D to remain on the leading edge of paint technology.

By Specification: Desired product characteristics and performance results are the details of a specification.  A significant portion of NCP’s R&D efforts and product offering is driven by specified products in various military and commercial markets.  Our team of chemists is capable of formulating coatings that meet some of the most challenging specifications in the industry and our ISO Certified operation produces these coatings in a consistent and timely manner.  Our list of qualified products under the stringent testing of both the Army and Navy Research Labs is a strong indication of our abilities.  In the commercial market the process for being qualified to specifications is quite diverse, but our flexibility and  systematic approach has gained the confidence of numerous global corporations as our list of qualified coatings steadily expands.

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